Peugeot D4A 1957 box van

Peugeot D 4A in ‘ Marine Blue’ is the first of its type with a historical registration in Austria .

The van used to belong a to collector from Burgundy and was before based in Neûchatel and used by the “ Laiterie du Lac “ as a milk delivery van form the area around Neuenburger lake.




The two seated delivery van is equipped with a sliding door on the right side as well as double doors in the rear, extending sliding roof on the back of the van , can be used as protection against rain or sun .

Fitted shelves are fixed on both sides of loading space .


Advertising Space


On the side panels :

L X H 1320mm X 420 mm

A2 – landscape format

A3 – landscape format

290mm X 290mm and it is also possible to use the space below the trim for A2 portrait format

or A3 landscape format


On the two front doors :

A3 lanscape  format

A4 portrait /landscape  format

290mm X 290mm


On the two rear doors :

A3 portrait / landscape form .

A4 portrait / landscape form

290mmx 290mm


Parking space required

Lx W x H  4430mmX 1870mm X 2150mm

Weight 1,500kg